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Why You Need Balance

  • anxious and stressed?

  • looking for inner peace?

  • needing a more positive, fulfilling life with purpose?

By tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition, you can manifest a better way forward, moving beyond some of these obstacles to find your ideal energy flow.
We are all constantly changing and evolving, but we have the power and responsibility to make choices that assist in our growth.

Choosing to delve within and trying something new may be challenging, but you will be rewarded with strengthened resilience, and feeling empowered to positively transform your life in a meaningful way, to a more mindful, healthier and happier way of being!


Invest in YOU!


Balance. Fulfillment. Wholeness. 


My name is Janet and I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, and occasionally reside in Gippsland, Victoria. I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, old soul empath, modern mystic, yoga teacher, healer, and spiritual wellness guide.


I began Janets Balance to pass on the positivity and love I have to others through my healing work. I want to instill the experience of feeling positive, fulfilled, and inspired; to continue to be the best version of yourself, peacefully, through conscious self-care of body, mind, and spirit. 


I am so grateful for the life I live. My husband and I together created a family of three sons and one daughter, who are all wonderful people living their own lives with their partners, and our combined love for each other always keeps us connected.


I feel empowered and grateful for all the experiences I have had and learned, am still yet to learn, and am at peace with what is still to come on this lifetime journey.

I am rewarded when I work to:

  • give/help/serve clients with what they want and/or need

  • have satisfied clients

  • keep learning whilst working

  • keep growing this business which I love


I’m passionate about:

Life. Health. Happiness. Yoga. Music. Philosophy. Spirituality. Mindfulness. Astrology. Psychology. Cooking/Nutrition. Family. Giving/sharing/Receiving. Travel. Art/Design. Socialising. Reading/Studying. Pets. Beaches. Bush/Forest walking. Movies/Documentaries.

Education and Tuition

I have the experience and the required training related to the services I offer through Janets Balance, and will continue to add to my Yoga teacher training hours via approved Yoga institutes. Along with continuous reading and attending workshops, I keep myself informed and up-to-date.


*Currently studying Diploma of Counselling through AIPC (2022)

*270 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Power Living 

(Advanced Vinyasa, Yin 1)

*Work associate at various gyms and Yoga spaces in the Northern  suburbs of Melbourne, and at home.

*Reiki 1 and 2, Tarot Reading, Crystal work, and Numerology - all trained through Doreen of "Sunz 'n' Moonz Oracle".

*Interest committee member of Tarot Guild of Australia

*First-Aid and CPR trained (annually)

*Working with Children certificate.

*Online training of Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition through "Aligning Health".

*Daily OM online courses (Yoga, health, well being, inspiration)

*Pharmacy Technician Grade 3 in Hospital Pharmacy Trained through Victoria University, Footscray, Victoria.

*Diploma of Governance, Cert IV in Business Management, Dispensary Assistants course (Pharmacy Guild) and other Business and Communication courses whilst employed in Public Hospital and Retail Pharmacy for 30+ years.

*Studies in Basic Nutrition and various Alternative Medicine Training Courses and seminars whilst in Pharmacy.

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