Reiki Healing

Restore energetic balance in your body through a natural healing Reiki session.


Offering an intuitive approach using the power of crystal energies to align the body, mind, and spirit back to perfect harmony.

Reiki treatments do not guarantee a cure and are not a substitute for appropriate medical treatment.

No massage is involved, only a light hand touch. Clients remain clothed during all the treatments.

Chair Reiki is also available.

Pricing: 2021 prices                                 

$80 - 60 minutes                     

$50 - 45 minutes chair Reiki

Free 10 minute Tarot or Oracle card reading at the end of treatment.

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Tarot Reading

Are you on the right path? Feeling stagnant? Looking for direction?

Find guidance and empowerment through the ancient language of symbols.

Learn from your personal Tarot readings. What the cards reveal will open you to your own intuition (your 'gut feeling') and is key to helping you move positively forward on the path that's right for YOU!

Pricing: 2021 prices                          

$40 - 15 minutes                   

$60 - 30 minutes

$100 - 60 minutes

Zoom or phone readings available during COVID-19 restrictions.


 A Numerology Report is a method of character analysis by using the numbers, names and birthdate to help solve the burning questions of "Who Am I?" and "Why Am I Here?". It enables us to take an objective and unbiased look at ourselves, to find out our natural talents and abilities, and how to fulfill our destiny.



$80 - Numerology Chart (Soul Contract)

Includes Life Path, Path of Destiny, Outer and Inner (Soul) Personality numbers. Also Cycles of Life and Turning Points.

(Astrological Chart - additional $20)

Zodiac Chart